Furry Friends Oral Hygiene

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 Just like humans, your loving family pets can get cavities. Did you know that bad breath is the most common sign of periodontal disease in your pet’s mouth?  Along with yellow or brown plaque where the tooth meets the gum line, red bleeding gums or a swollen face. Examining your pet’s mouth is always a good habit to start when you are getting a new family pet, or even if you have furry friends already, it’s never too late to start.
Our loving furry family friends are a little different when it comes to having pain in their mouths. We as humans can express that we are uncomfortable and we generally lose our appetite, however, our pets cannot communicate that with us, and we cannot use their appetite as a guide to let us know something is wrong because in most cases, your pet will continue to eat just fine.
Your family veterinarian should be doing an oral exam with your pets at their annual checkup, and I could not believe it when I was told that there is Pet Insurance to help cover the cost of our furry friend’s dental work. I think this is amazing.
Between vet visits with your pet, there are some things that we can do at home to help their oral hygiene. We can “try” to brush their teeth with animal tooth paste found at most pet stores. There are dental treats that they can have, and also, there are some toys available to help with teeth cleaning and massaging of the gums.


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